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Configure WSUS Server on Windows Server 2016 with Powershell (Part 1)

In this article, I’ll show you how I Deploy and Configure WSUS Server on Windows Server 2016 and use it to apply updates using Group Policy to all my Server.

Windows WSUS was first released With Windows Server 2003 as a separate Install package and with the release of Server 2008 Its was already part of the O/S and an added role.

These days using WSUS Is a no brainer and also a standard In any Windows based network.

WSUS simplify, streamline and automate the lifecycle of any windows Device using one or multiple policies that apply to computers using GPO.

In this article, I’ll use Group Policy Grouping to automatically move my servers to pre-configured group that have policies applied to them which Is like set and forget setup, all that I’ll have to do to get my server get their updates from WSUS Is just move to an OU and WSUS will to the rest.

To get started, I’ll Install my WSUS Server using PowerShell on Windows server 2016 standard edition.

To view, the WSUS roles run the cmdlet below

To Install WSUS use:

To Install the WSUS Console

Once the Installation part Is over, I’ll restart the WSUS Service.

Next, I’ll click on the WSUS management console and I’ll select the DB Location ( Created before)

Click close when done

Next, I’ll open the WSUS Console and will go to the Options section

Next, I’ll click on the WSUS Server Configuration Wizard

Click next to star the Wizard and make sure the Server can connect to the Internet

Next It’s time to select products I want WSUS to download updates and language

Select classification

We are done

Next, ‘ll run a manual update to sync updates from the Internet

For Part2 look here


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